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Student Computer Consulting Service (SCCS)

Location: 1st Floor of the Moffitt Undergraduate Library

The SCCS office is staffed by trained consultants who can provide assistance and troubleshooting help for dialing into the UCB modem pools through PPP connections. The SCCS staff can also provide support for several networking software and the creation of UCLINK4 e-mail and Home-IP accounts. Furthermore, the new Connecting @ Berkeley (CAB) software, previously known as the Berkeley Internet Kit (BIK), can be purchased here by registered UCB students.

Although the SCCS office is mainly for technical, networking support, a few computers are available for general use. These include two print stations (PC and Mac) and four general access computers. 4 Power Mac 6100/60
2 Dell Pentium II-233
1 LaserJet 4 Printer

For more infomation about SCCS services and SHIP accounts, please visit the SCCS website.

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